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Boiler Quotes Online installs combi boilers and system boilers

Combi boilers heat water straight from the mains to provide instant hot water at your taps, whereas a system boiler heats the water and stores it in a cylinder or hot water tank.

Combi Boilers

Boiler Quotes Online install Vaillant Boilers and Worcester Boilers

Combi boilers installed by Boiler Quotes Online combine the standard functions of a central heating boiler and water heater in one compact unit, unlike traditional central heating systems which require an external tank to supply cold water, an external pump to move the water around the system and a hot water tank to store hot water.

Combi boilers provide heat for the radiators in your home and hot water at your taps on demand.  When a hot tap or shower is turned on water is taken from the mains supply, heated inside the boiler and fed to the taps with very little time lag.

Combi Boilers are also easy to operate which makes them the most popular type of gas central heating boiler Boiler Quotes Online installs in the UK. Boiler Quotes Online can advise you about the correct Combi Boiler for your home.

  • Combi boilers are more economical for small and medium sized homes.
  • Combi boilers provide hot water ‘on demand’ for both radiators and taps. You do not have to wait for water in a hot water tank to heat up.
  • Combi boilers avoid the need for a cold water tank and associated pipework.
  • Combi boilers may be unsuitable for large homes with several bathrooms as maximum pressure and hot water may be restricted if several hot taps are used at the same time.
  • Not all types of showers, including power showers, are compatible with combi boilers. However, you should be able to run a fairly powerful shower directly from the taps if you have a combi boiler.
  • The water pressure from your mains supply must be adequate to enable a combi boiler to work properly and a flow test will would normally be carried out to confirm this.

Boiler Quotes Online

System Boilers

Boiler Quotes Online install Vaillant and Worcester Boilers

System boilers installed by Boiler Quotes Online are sealed heating systems which provide heat to your radiators and store hot water in a pressured hot water cylinder or tank.  They do not need a cold water tank in your loft.

The important components such as the pump and expansion vessel are built into a system boiler.  As far as heating your home is concerned, they work on the same principle as traditional boilers, which are also known as conventional or heat only boilers.

System boilers differ from combi boilers in that they heat water up for your taps and store it in a hot water tank, which means that you can have an immersion heater to provide hot water to your taps as a back-up.  Boiler Quotes Online can advise you about the correct System Boiler for your home.

  • Sealed system boilers do not require a cold water tank in the loft. This frees up space removes any worry concerning a leaking tank or frost damage.
  • Having a hot water tank allows you to also have an immersion heater. This means that you have the facility to heat up the water in the tank without having the boiler switched on, for example during hot weather.
  • System boilers are more suitable than combi boilers for large properties with several bathrooms because hot water can be drawn from the hot water storage tank rather than being heated up as required.
  • System boilers are more expensive than combi boilers to install in new properties because of the need for a hot water tank and associated pipework.
  • The requirement of a hot water storage tanks means that additional space within your home is taken up.

Boiler Quotes Online

Condensing Boilers

All modern combi boilers and system boilers installed by Boiler Quotes Online are condensing boilers which are much more energy efficient than older types of boiler.  In central heating boilers, fuel is burned in a combustion chamber to create heat which provides hot water for radiators and taps.  In non-condensing boilers much of this heat is lost with waste gases which are emitted through the external flue; that’s why the external flue on old boilers normally have a protective cage around to prevent injury from burns.

Condensing boilers capture this otherwise lost heat and use it to pre-heat water returning from radiators back to the boiler.  Because this water is already heated up before it reaches the boiler, it requires less fuel to heat it to the required temperature before sending it back around the central heating system.  This means that less fuel is used and your heating system is more efficient.

Condensing boilers are more than 90% efficient in converting fuel into heat energy whereas non-condensing boilers were probably 50% to 80% efficient. According to the Energy Saving Trust™ if you replace a G rated gas central heating boiler without controls, with a new A rated boiler fitted with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) you could save up to £340 per year on your heating bills.  Boiler Quotes Online can advise you about the correct Condensing Boiler for your home.

Boiler Quotes Online includes the MagnaClean Micro 2 filter system as standard with every gas central heating boiler we install

MagnaClean Micro 2 is a compact, full-flow, high efficiency magnetic and non-magnetic filter designed specifically to protect domestic central heating systems.  MagnaClean Micro 2 improves the efficiency of your central heating system by removing almost 100% of the black iron oxide suspended in the water in your radiators and pipes.

MagnaClean Micro 2 reduces the build-up of sludge in your radiators, which makes your home warmer, reduces your heating bills and carbon emissions, and extends the life of your central heating system.

Boiler Quotes Online install a MagnaClean filter with ALL BOILER INSTALLATIONS

Boiler Quotes Online

Affordable Warmth Scheme

Check whether you qualify for a boiler grant towards the cost of your new boiler installation at  

You may qualify if you live in a private house (owned or rented) AND you receive certain State Benefits AND your existing gas, oil or LPG central heating boiler is inefficient and faulty.

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