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Boiler Installations Manchester

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We install Gas, LPG and Oil Boilers in all areas of Greater Manchester

Boiler Installations Manchester

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Things to consider before you order a new boiler


  • Combi Boilers, or combination boilers to give them their proper name, combine a very efficient water heater with a central heating boiler all in one unit.
  • This makes Combi Boilers compact in size and suitable for smaller homes.
  • The water heater in a Combi Boiler ensures that you have hot water on-demand at your taps or shower, without having to wait for it to heat up first.
  • The central heating boiler and internal pump in a Combi Boiler sends hot water to your radiators to heat up your home.
  • Modern combi boilers are extremely energy efficient, compact and easy to use.  This has made them the most popular type of central heating boiler in the UK.

Combi Boilers from Boiler Installations Manchester


  • System Boilers are a traditional type of boiler where hot water for your taps is stored in a hot water tank or cylinder until you need it.
  • System Boilers heat water up and pump it around your central heating system to your radiators to heat up your home.
  • Unlike the older style of regular or conventional boilers, System Boilers don’t need a cold water tank in your loft. Also, components such as the expansion vessel and pump are contained within the System Boiler boiler casing.
  • System Boilers are suitable for larger homes with more than one bathroom.

System Boilers from Boiler Installations Manchester

It is important the you choose the correct size boiler for your home and this will depend on:

  • How large your home is
  • How many radiators you have
  • How many bathrooms, cloak rooms and showers you have

A Gas Safe accredited engineer from Boiler Installations Manchester will be able to advise you of the most suitable type and size of boiler for your home. However, as a rough guide the most common boiler sizes are:

  • 24kw to 27kw – suitable for small houses and flats with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and up to 10 radiators
  • 28kw to 34kw – suitable for homes with 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and up to 15 radiators
  • 35kw to 42kw – suitable for large properties with 4+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms and over 20 radiators

Boiler Installations Manchester can advise you which size boiler is right for your home

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How to decide whether to replace or repair your boiler

If your existing boiler has broken down beyond repair, unfortunately you are faced with having to replace it. However, you may always ask yourself whether it could just be repaired and struggle on until the next time it fails.

Before you decide whether to invest in a new boiler, it’s worth getting a second opinion from a Gas Safe registered engineer from Boiler Installations Manchester. We will give you an honest opinion and if your boiler is economically repairable, we will offer a quotation to repair it.

Nevertheless, even if your boiler can be repaired, if it is G-rated or worse for energy efficiency it is likely to be wasting up to half of the fuel you buy. In this case it may make more financial sense to install a new energy efficient A-rated boiler.

Installing a new boiler can also add value to your home, whilst improving its EPC rating.  Boiler Installations Manchester can advise you whether to repair or replace your boiler.

According to the Energy Saving Trust™ “The costs for replacing a boiler will vary, but a straightforward gas boiler replacement plus thermostatic radiator valves will typically cost about £2,300 excluding radiators.”

This price would be for a typical three bedroom semi-detached house with one bathroom and up to 7 radiators.

A replacement Combi Boiler from Boiler Installations Manchester starts at just £1,573 including VAT and only rise above the figure recommended by the Energy Saving Trust for large properties with 5 bedrooms or more.

All boiler replacement prices from Boiler Installations Manchester include the following:

  • Brand new combi or system boiler with flue
  • All labour and electrical work included
  • Commissioning of the new heating system
  • Chemical system flush included
  • Magnatec™ filter supplied and installed
  • FREE one year service with optional service plans
  • FREE Home Care Plan (1 year) 24/7 worth £200
  • All boilers are installed by Gas Safe™ Engineers
  • Gas Safe™ Registration for Building Regulations
  • Up to 10 year warranty available

Boiler Installations Manchester offers free quotes to install gas, LPG and oil boilers throughout the North West, Cheshire and The Wirral.

Boiler Installations Manchester helps you save on your heating bills

Boiler Installations Manchester have local Gas Safe and OFTEC registered heating engineers operating throughout the North West, Cheshire and Wirral.

Although the business is expanding quickly, we currently install gas, LPG and oil boilers the following areas:

Birkenhead, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Chester, Crosby, Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Fleetwood, Flint, Formby, Holywell, Hoylake, Kirkham,

Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Mold, Northwich, Oldham, Ormskirk, Preston, Rochdale, Sale, Southport, St Helens, Stockport, Warrington, Widnes,

Wigan and The Wirral.

With locations throughout the North West and Midlands, our network qualified engineers are able to provide you with the full range of domestic heating services – including boiler installations and repairs. Because we are local we are able to respond quickly to your boiler breakdown and in some cases provide a ‘same day’ service.

Every Boiler Quotes Online approved engineer has been carefully chosen for their experience and reliability, meaning you will get a great level of service, no matter where you live.

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Boiler Installations Manchester installs Glow-worm Boilers
Boiler Installations Manchester installs Ideal Boilers
Boiler Installations Manchester installs Potterton Boilers
Boiler Installations Manchester installs Vaillant Boilers
Boiler Installations Manchester installs Worcester Boilers
Boiler Installations Manchester Installs Grant Oil Boilers

Why upgrade to a Grant A-rated oil-fired boiler?

In recent years the name ‘Grant’ has become synonymous with highly efficient oil-fired central heating boilers throughout the UK.

Grant leads the way with the Grant Vortex and Grant VortexBlue oil-fired condensing boiler ranges which are more than 90% energy efficient. Grant oil boilers are helping thousands of homeowners like you to reduce your annual fuel bills.

Boiler Installations Manchester only install the very latest A-rated boilers from the top manufacturers.

Boiler Installations Manchester install Gas, LPG and Oil boilers.

Boiler Installations Manchester

Government Grants to help replace faulty gas central heating boilers and electric storage heaters are available from the ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme

Boiler Installations Manchester